Shutter Divas | Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photography

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Photography


What a day! So much emotion. So much joy. So much pride. Why on earth would you want to add stress to the mix?

At Shutter Divas, we know that you don't want to spend your son or daughter's big day worrying about your vendors. You want to enjoy the moment, toast your child, embrace your family, celebrate with friends.

That's why we work with you IN ADVANCE to make sure we understand exactly what you want -- and then make sure we're there early, 100% ready to deliver perfect photos to commemorate your amazing event. From rehearsal photos to ceremony photos (if allowable) to photo "studio" portraits -- we can offer you a full-service photographic experience.

And, because photography is what we do full time, we are available when you need us -- no matter when you might have your Bar or Bat Mitzvah rehearsal.  Need us on a Thursday afternoon?  We can be there!  Doing everything all in one day on Saturday?  We can do that too!  Just let us know your schedule, and we can make it happen.

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