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Finding my voice

October 04, 2016  •  2 Comments

So, this happened:

  • I took down my Marketing bio on LinkedIn yesterday.
  • I replaced it with a Photographer bio.

This is getting real, folks — and I have to admit that it's got me pretty freaked out.

Marketing. It's what I do. It's what I've always done. Heck, I know how to write in a "corporate voice" better than I know how to write in my own. I mean, this blog post is taking me forever ... and it's barely coherent. Still, here I go, into the abyss of something new, into my "second chapter."

I tried this whole photo thing before, focusing mostly on pet photography. And don't get me wrong ... I loved it! However, it never quite "took." I wasn't differentiated, wasn't unique. I was the living embodiment of "imposter syndrome." Of course, it didn't help that friends kept sending me links to other photographers' work — underwater dogs, dogs catching treats, dogs wearing flowers, dogs hugging ... you get the point. Man, those photographers were awesome!

Luckily, I still had the Marketing thing going on. I was good at it, and it kept me more than busy.

Then, one weekend, just for kicks, I took a break from the animal photos and decided to have a party for my girlfriends, an open studio where anyone who wanted to could come on by and get time in front of the lens. My goal was for every attendee to get at least one shot where she felt beautiful and empowered. The price of admission was an agreement to post one of the photos on Facebook so that others could chime in to tell her how beautiful she is.

It worked!

So, I did it again the next year. Only this time, we took the whole thing a little less seriously. We had costumes. We had accessories. We had props. Heck, we even had a stuffed horse named Thunderbolt!

Holy crap it was fun! Capturing the laughter and whimsy that was going on that day brought me so much joy that I knew I had finally found my "voice."  

Before I took it down, my Marketing bio read like this:

I help teams clarify what to say (message), how to say it (voice), and how best to deliver it (channel). I then tailor that message to match the audience (business/technical), the medium (print/web), and the overall goals of the piece. In short, I turn concepts into language ... language into interest ... and interest into deals.

What you say — and how you say it — matters. I help you say it right.

I guess I just needed to take some time to do that for myself.  I needed to hone my own message and identify the right audience for it.  And, now that I've done that, I couldn't be more excited.  

Welcome to Shutter Divas. Our message is this:  

Don't miss the opportunity to see how beautiful you really are. Don't wait to lose those last 10 pounds ... or stall until your hair is a bit longer ... or "hate how you look in pictures." Instead, start appreciating your own unique joy! Be yourself. Have fun. Celebrate your friends. And know that nothing is more beautiful than sight of true laughter.

Yup.  Change is scary. But, I'm looking forward to laughing my way through this change one photo at a time.  

Suszi Lurie McFadden, PhotographerSuszi Lurie McFadden, PhotographerSuszi Lurie McFadden, Photographer


Suszi, Photographer





(Oh, and in case you're wondering, I'm still doing animal photography — but I'm doing it almost all pro bono for animal rescue organizations to help find forever homes for wonderful adoptable animals.  Adopt don't shop!)


This is awesome! Can't wait to see it take off. I'm cheering from the sidelines! xoxoxo
You have definitely found your niche. I love your philosophy. I love that you're doing what you love. I love that you help women feel empowered and special and beautiful, and you do it with joy in your heart. Shutter Divas is a true inspiration, and I know no better person to be at the helm. Way to go!!
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