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The Protest Diva

What is the Protest Diva?

It's a lot like the Original Diva Party — but for a cause!
Do you have something to say? Are you looking for a way to present your inner strength outward? Do you want to add a little something to your next Resistance meeting?
Think about offering Protest Photos alongside your "to do lists" and "calls for action."  
Will these photos manifest tangible change? No. But, they will offer your community an outlet for expressing themselves in a way that is unique, positive, and empowering. AND, when folks are not in front of the camera, they can work together to effect change more directly (in whatever ways you establish for your event — postcard writing, phone banking, town hall meetings, etc.).

You supply the venue, the theme for your event, and the tools/agenda for any other resistance activities you'd like to host. We'll supply the studio, chalkboard signs, patriotic accessories, and more. Photos will be produced in black & white, and will give your guests/participants a way to proclaim their #RESISTANCE to their various online communities.