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Your Photo Diva - Suszi Lurie McFadden

Suszi has been a professional photographer for more than three years, and was an avid hobbyist for many years before that.  Her photographs have been published worldwide, with credits including author photos, magazine insets (People, WHO Australia, FOCUS Magazine Germany), and news sites (Yahoo).  She has also sold a number of fine art prints.  Through her sister company, Fuzzy Beastie Photography, she donates her time and talent to animal rescue organizations to help shelter animals find their forever families.

Suszi loves using her camera to help people see just how beautiful they really are.  She doesn't believe in waiting to lose those last 10 pounds ... stalling until one's hair is a bit longer ... or "hating how you look in pictures."  Instead, she believes that moments with friends should be cherished.  And, more importantly, she believes that appreciating one's own unique joy is essential. 

That's how this particular "Diva" project began—through a firm belief that every woman deserves to have photos of themselves that make them happy—and make them feel stunning. It's about capturing the joy, the moments, the laughter, and the whimsy! How does Suszi best do that? She turns it into a party!  Celebrate yourself surrounded by your friends cheering you on!  Even those who come into a Diva party afraid they may have made a terrible mistake feel like a million bucks by the time they walk out!


Your Style Diva - Shana Levy McCracken

Shana is a Renaissance woman—a singer, tap dancer, costume designer, sewist, and stylist—who has been designing, making, and curating costumes for musical theater and dance productions since she was knee-high to a mouse in a tutu. She has studied fashion at Cañada College and the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York. She recently returned from a trip to Florence, Italy where she studied—you guessed it—Renaissance fashion!

As a child, Shana was inspired by the work of Bob Mackie, designer for the Carol Burnett Show and many other great television productions of the 70s. Above all, she admired Mr. Mackie’s ability to enhance an already great scene by giving the characters clever and playful costumes. Today, Shana is still inspired by the joyful spark that clothing, accessories, and props can bring to already special moments. Just check out her photo to see the cool dress she made completely out of reused neckties!

As our onsite Fashionista, Shana provides all of our divas with everything they need to look and feel fantastic! So, while you’re cheering on your friends as they pose for their pics, you can also work with Shana to figure out how you’re going to look your best when it’s your turn in front of the camera.  Whether it’s the perfect outfit, accessory, or word of encouragement, she’ll get that million-bucks version of you to come out and play!  Smile!



Your Hair & Makeup Diva - Jocelyn Brady-Bettencourt

Jocelyn is busily working to launch her new salon in San Jose. Check out her website at JocelynatStudio3 to get a sense of just how much diva Jocelyn's got going on!